Why Ride Alone?

We meet at 7:30pm, on the first Wednesday of each month at the Snelgrove Community Centre, 11692 Hurontario Street, just south of Mayfield Road. Join us there for questions about membership. Our members enjoy well planned Sunday rides, casual Tuesday night rides, and social events year round.

Please use the following form to contact us

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Brampton Motorcycle Association

New Member Application

*** Every Member must fill out his/her own application with their own contact information and release ***


  • Single - $53.00 ($18.00 one time Initiation fee for one person + $35.00 Membership fee for one person)

  • Family - $96.00 ($36.00 one time Initiation fee for two people + $60.00 Membership fee for two people)


  • Cash

  • Cheque

    • All cheques to be made payable to: Brampton Motorcycle Association

  • Square (Credit Card)

After you have submitted your New Member Application Form, please print the below and bring to the next meeting

***Required for all New Members***

Requirements of a New Member

Applicants must attend two (2) General Meetings and two (2) Scheduled BMA rides.  Applicant should obtain a signature from the Ride Captain or the Executive for each of the below events during the four (4) month probation period.  Membership to the BMA will be voted upon at the next scheduled Executive meeting after the end of the Applicant's probationary period.

GENERAL MEETING #1     DATE:__________________     EXECUTIVE/RIDE CAPTAIN:_____________________


GENERAL MEETING #2     DATE:__________________     EXECUTIVE/RIDE CAPTAIN:_____________________


SCHEDULED RIDE #1         DATE:__________________     RIDE CAPTAIN:_____________________________


SCHEDULED RIDE #2        DATE:__________________      RIDE CAPTAIN:_____________________________


*NOTE*  Once the above is filled in and signed, please submit to our Treasurer.                                                                                           If, at the end of the four (4) month probation period, you decide not to join and/or membership is not approved, the fee (less initiation) will be refunded.